Urban Reign kicks down retail doors

Namco's street fighter ships to stores; PS2 exclusive goes bloody knuckles against 100 missions with 30 weapons to wield.


Urban Reign

Namco is no stranger to punchfests, with popular fighting franchises Soul Calibur and Tekken under its belt. Members of those games' development teams brought their knowledge of the genre to Namco's latest PlayStation 2 scrapper, Urban Reign, which is now in stores.

Gamers get to puff out their chests as muscle-for-hire Brad Hawk takes on the creeps of Green Harbor. Hawk forgoes the judicial system and makes his fist the gavel of justice as he goes vigilante on the corrupt members of the city's underground consortium and government.

The game features 100 missions to beat down, 30 weapons to unleash righteousness with, and a plethora of fighting styles to adopt. There are 60 playable characters in the game, including two familiar faces from the Tekken series: Marshall Law and Paul Phoenix.

Urban Reign is rated T for Teen and retails for $39.99. For more information on the game, come back tomorrow to go toe-to-toe with GameSpot's full review.

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