Urban Freestyle Soccer E3 2003 Preshow Report

Acclaim's arcade-style soccer game will be released on all console platforms and the PC.


In the world of Acclaim's Urban Freestyle Soccer, gang disputes are settled not by street fights and gun battles, but rather with a soccer ball, a court, and a pair of nets. Currently in development at UK-based Silicon Dreams, Urban Freestyle Soccer will allow you to take on the game's assorted gangs in a four-on-four, arcade-style soccer melee. Gangs will compete against each other not just for bragging rights, but also for the rights to their own home turf. The game will feature 16 gangs in all, each with its own specific home arena and corresponding theme music. More than 50 players will be featured in the game, all with their own individual tricks, combos, special moves, and catchphrases.

Game modes set to be included in Urban Freestyle Soccer are home turf, versus, freestyle, challenge, and training. There will also be a number of minigames. The gameplay will be fast and furious, with many different showboating tricks, including volleys, flicks, juggles, and scissors kicks. Rules in Urban Freestyle Soccer will be few and far between, and there won't be any offside rulings or fouls to get in the way of the game's arcade-style pacing. The game will feature a dynamic two-layered combo system, as well as supercharged netbuster power-up attacks, for earning high scores. Each environment in the game will be tailor-made for its representative gang, presenting specific objects and boundaries that will increase the level of home-field advantage.

Urban Freestyle Soccer will be released for the PC and all three current-generation console platforms in November of this year.

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