Urban Freestyle Soccer announced

Acclaim announces that it will release this four-on-four street soccer game later this year. First screens inside.


Acclaim Entertainment has today announced that it will release Urban Freestyle Soccer for the PC and all three current-generation game consoles later this year. The game, which is in development at UK-based Silicon Dreams, is a four-on-four soccer game that will attempt to re-create the sport as it is played on streets all over the world.

"Urban Freestyle Soccer will offer a great alternative to the traditional football game and will appeal to a much wider audience," said Ned Browning, brand manager at Acclaim International. "There has never been a football game which takes the best from park soccer and combines it with the raw energy and skill which is seen every day on the streets around the world. Urban Freestyle Soccer will deliver the ultimate arcade football experience ever--with innovation which will revitalize the football genre."

The game will allow players to assume control of one of 16 gang-based teams in five different gameplay modes including turf wars, home turf, and street challenge cups. Players will have access to an array of different showboating moves such as flicks, volleys, juggles, and scissor kicks, but they will not have to worry about being cautioned for minor fouls or straying into an offside position.

Urban Freestyle Soccer is currently scheduled for release in both North America and Europe toward the end of this year. We'll bring you more information on all four versions of the game as it becomes available.

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