Urban Chaos on Dreamcast

Eidos will bring this PC and PlayStation game to Sega's console.


Eidos Interactive plans to port its third-person action game Urban Chaos to the Sega Dreamcast. The free-roaming beat-'em-up has already been released for the Sony PlayStation and PC platforms. Urban Chaos for the Dreamcast will essentially be a direct port of the PC version - the only difference will be some spruced-up special effects strewn throughout the game's visuals. The gameplay and story will remain the same.

Urban Chaos puts the player in the role of D'arci Stern. Taking to the streets of Union City, D'arci must complete assigned missions such as apprehending a criminal or bringing an abandoned vehicle to the police station. The game also attempts to meld story-driven elements into its straightforward action gameplay with a host of characters and plot twists.

Urban Chaos for the Dreamcast is currently set for an October release.

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