Urban Chaos Meets the PlayStation

Eidos shows off its ode to urban warfare.


Darci's a rookie cop - and former gymnast - and Roper's the guy you want backing you up when things go down in Urban Chaos, an action/adventure/platform game due out from Eidos for the PC and PlayStation.

A cult called the Fallen is trying to bring back a demigod, and it's your job - playing as the aforementioned cops - to stop them. The city itself is a large area of 200 blocks by 200 blocks, so different sections of it will feel like different neighborhoods; they'll have their own gangs, troublemakers, and people for you to rumble with. Language is tough and the hoods are tougher - when you're injured, you'll leave a trail of blood that can be used to track you down. Step into a puddle and you'll track water on the cement.

The game will be multiplayer - up to 24 players on the PC and two-player on the PlayStation, split-screen. The PS version will be hi-res, and the game will be text-driven for the most part. Altogether, there should be about 25 missions or so (some of which will be timed), and they'll have submissions.

You'll fight the bad guys with weapons, hand-to-hand combat, and with vehicles, among other methods. More than 40 NPCs will cross your path - and you can never be sure of what order they'll come in, since the events are random-scripted - let's hope this adds replay value.

Urban Chaos is slated for release this fall.

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