Uranium to compose Ballerium soundtrack

Majorem announces that unknown band Uranium will compose the soundtrack for its upcoming online real-time strategy game.


Israel-based Majorem has today announced that the soundtrack for Ballerium will be composed by unknown band Uranium rather than by the relatively well-known European trance group Infected Mushroom, as was previously announced. Uranium will compose seven soundtracks in total, one for each of the races in the game.

"We are very proud to be chosen to compose the music for Ballerium," said Shay Hugi, leader of Uranium. "The work on this project was very unique due to the fact that Ballerium is a very ambitious project that features several races with different character and nature, which demands complicated composing and unique style."

"We are very excited to have Uranium on our side. Although yet unknown, we believe Uranium makes for a very promising team that may soon become a part of the worldwide electronic music scene," added Eyal Netanel, CEO of Majorem. "We are confident that Ballerium's gamers would thank us for this great choice we made for the game."

Ballerium is described by Majorem as a persistent massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game. For more information on the game, which is currently scheduled for release later this year but is without a publisher, check out our previous coverage.

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