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Upgrade Your Switch OLED Model With This Tears Of The Kingdom Skin

Instead of dropping $360 on a new Switch, upgrade your existing one with this $50 skin.


The Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Switch OLED Model is one of the hottest Zelda accessories on the market right now, with most retailers running into inventory issues just hours after its reveal. It’s also expensive--and if you already own a Switch, it’s hard to justify another $360 purchase. But if you’re looking to freshen up your Switch and give it a Zelda makeover, consider checking out the new Clone of the Kingdom skin from Dbrand, which costs just $50 and features a design that’s eerily similar to the official TotK Switch.

For some reason, Dbrand is even selling a Steam Deck version of this skin. It looks more reminiscent of the Tears of the Kingdom Switch Pro Controller--with a black, gold, and white design--although it still costs just $50 and comes with everything you need to fully wrap your Steam Deck.

Regardless of which you’re interested in, you’ll have to move quickly. Dbrand notes that these products will only stick around for a limited time, although a specific end date wasn’t revealed. If you want to check out the installation process before making a purchase (it’s surprisingly simple), you can view this official OLED skin installation video from Dbrand.

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