[Updated] Call Of Duty: WW2 Review Roundup

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Update: GameSpot's Call of Duty: WWII review is now final, so we've updated this roundup accordingly. We've also added a couple more reviews for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy! Original story follows.

Call of Duty: WWII, as we've all heard by now, brings the series back to its "boots-on-the-ground" roots. We already know its first map pack's release date, the length of the campaign, and what multiplayer gameplay looks like, but is the game any good?

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Thankfully, with the shooter now out worldwide, reviews have started to go live. GameSpot's own Call of Duty: WWII review-in-progress awarded the game a provisional 9/10--we're waiting to test the game on public servers before we give our final verdict, but you can check out our thoughts so far below. We've also collected a bunch of other critics' reviews for you to read; alternatively, check out Metacritic.

  • Game: Call of Duty: WWII
  • Developer / Publisher: Sledgehammer / Activision
  • Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC
  • Release date: Out now
  • Price: US $60 / £50 / AU $100

GameSpot -- 9/10

"Ultimately, if every shooter set in the European Theater of World War II is measured by how it depicts its D-Day landing--assuming it has such a mission--Call of Duty: WWII emphatically succeeds in its impactful designs and delivery. The sensation of riding the troop carrier as it approached the beach filled me with depression more than dread, knowing I'd survive eventually while many of my surrounding brothers in arms wouldn't. While not equally emotional, this battle's reinterpretation in War mode proves to be a highlight in a superb suite of competitive modes. Zombies rounds off this stellar return to form, effectively blending the ferocity of online cooperative play with the goal-driven satisfaction of found in the campaign. As one of the most comprehensive and filler-free Call of Dutys in recent memory, Call of Duty: WWII successfully capitalizes on the series' strengths." -- Miguel Concepcion [Full review]

Polygon -- No score (Review-in-progress)

"The prospect of a modern take on World War II is an exciting one. What would the last ten years of gameplay, graphical and storytelling advancement bring to scenes that we've already experienced? Unfortunately the Call of Duty: WWII campaign is not up to the task, falling into rote cliches and overly familiar territory. While it returns to the era of classic Call of Duty, it neither captures the surprise of the early games nor the ambition of modern entries. Rather than serve as a reboot, Call of Duty: WWII is more of a redundancy." -- Russ Frushtick [Full review-in-progress]

Game Informer -- 8.75/10

"While the campaign fails to provide a compelling tale and is often bogged down in uninteresting large-scale slaughter, Call of Duty:WWII nails its multiplayer, new social hub, and zombie modes to provide the back to boot-on-the-ground experience fans have clamored for since the first foray into space." -- Daniel Tack [Full review]

GamesRadar+ -- 4/5

"From moment to moment, though, the campaign is solid, unwavering fun with some great set pieces and moments. Taking a step back really exposes the single player as a collection of good levels and ideas strung together, rather than a narrative. The experience overall though is good and, with such an enjoyable and varied multiplayer offering, everything ultimately balances out." -- Leon Hurley [Full review]

The Telegraph -- 4/5

"It's a Neapolitan ice cream of shooters, essentially, with three very different flavours squashed together in a single serving. They're not always complementary: it's hard to reconcile the fact that you've got a former Doctor Who shouting "twat!" at Nazi zombies in the same game as a haunting glimpse of history's worst genocide. Still, between its moments of good taste and a mode that's more Bad Taste, it hits a consistently high standard – and though it's mostly riffing on ideas we've seen before, it manages to make several of them its own. The series' dwindling popularity has proved a tough nut to crack for its publisher in recent years; CoD: WWII proves that maybe a Sledgehammer really is the right tool for the job." -- Chris Schilling [Full review]

The Guardian -- 3/5

"The way CoD: WWII is packaged seems bizarre, but then these three individual games don’t have much to do with one another anyway. Call of Duty is the Golden Goose for Activision, almost its own genre through sheer dint of popularity. This is everything you’d expect. I suppose you could call that praise." -- Rich Stanton [Full review]

PC Gamer -- 70/10

"WWII marks the first time I felt like I could get a grip on Call of Duty's multiplayer since Black Ops II, and the most fun I've had with it since Modern Warfare. It's a familiar feeling, but a comfortable one. If the matchmaking settles and if it can maintain a PC population larger than than a small town in North Dakota, then WWII could be a great Call of Duty for anyone bothered by the direction the multiplayer was going with the complications futuristic warfare rolled in. But a dull, safe campaign has me aching to return to fictional wars, something that at least gives Call of Duty the room it needs to be loud and dumb and free from the responsibility of teaching the kids anything besides no-scope 720s." -- James Davenport [Full review]

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