[UPDATE] White Xbox One coming in 2014, Halo 2: Anniversary edition, and Titanfall console spotted - Report

Microsoft also said to be looking into 1TB Xbox One model, and thinking about one without a Blu-Ray drive.

Image credit: NeoGAF.
Image credit: NeoGAF.

UPDATE: From the same NeoGaf thread that revealed the white console, we also have tentative details on a few games. Take all of this with an "unconfirmed" grain of salt:

  • Halo 5 is coming in 2015
  • Halo 2 is getting the Anniversary edition treatment
    • One special edition "war" bundle will include ports of Halo 3 and 4 for Xbox One
    • beta access to Halo 5 bundled in
    • The game will be 1080p
    • Same dev and Halo Anniversary edition
    • Multiplayer included
  • Crackdown 3 is going to be announced at E3, releasing sometime in 2016
  • Forza Horizon is coming this fall -- 1080p and open-world
  • Quantum Break will be a holiday 2014 title
  • Sunset Overdrive is coming fall 2014
  • Fable Legends is slated for summer 2015
  • Fable Anniversary isn't coming to Xbox One
  • The next Gears of War won't be here for at least another 2.5 years.
  • Titanfall DLC coming 45 days then 120 days after release.
  • Along with the white Xbox One mentioned below, Microsoft is considering a $399 version without the optical drive.
  • Platinum Games has a title coming (codenamed Project Nagano) for March 2016

The original story appears below:

Microsoft is cooking up all sorts of new Xbox One models, according to a new report, including a white variant, a console with a 1TB hard drive, and even a machine without a Blu-ray drive.

The news was originally posted on NeoGAF, and the leaked information was later corroborated by The Verge.

A white version of the Xbox One already exists, with the lighter units made available at launch to the development team behind Microsoft's latest console. A few of the white machines were auctioned for charity, with one even racking up an impressive $11,300.

The NeoGAF poster says Microsoft will launch the white Xbox One to coincide with the release of Sunset Overdrive. Could it be a limited-edition machine? The person leaking the information also released a picture of an upcoming Titanfall-themed Xbox One. If true, the machine will presumably launch alongside the game on March 11.

The poster also said Microsoft will release a firmware update for the Xbox One in March that will fix the machine's oft-criticised party chat system, and other social features. Microsoft pledged to improve these systems back in December.

GameSpot has contacted Microsoft to ask if it can comment on any of these rumours.

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