Update: The PlayStation Classic Is Now Selling For $30 At Ebay

How low can it go?

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[Update: The below Rakuten deal is no longer available, but the PS Classic is currently selling for $30 at Ebay]

Those keeping their eyes on the PlayStation Classic's ever-dropping price will be interested to know Sony's mini retro console is now cheaper than ever. Right now, you can pick up the PS Classic for just $34 at Rakuten. It's currently listed for $40, but if you use the code SAVE15, you'll get $6 off. Note that you'll have to create a free Rakuten account to use the coupon code; the site doesn't allow guest accounts to redeem them.

The PS Classic's price has dropped consistently since it released December 3, 2018 with a launch price of $100. Since then, its price has fallen to $60, then $40, and now $34. When compared to Nintendo's NES and SNES Classics, which quickly sold out following their release, the PlayStation Classic has not garnered nearly as much hype, with many fans (including GameSpot's Peter Brown) feeling it doesn't match the quality of competing mini retro consoles or do justice to the original PlayStation system, especially for $100.

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"The PS Classic doesn't feel like a celebration of PlayStation's formative years the way Nintendo's systems do," Brown wrote in our PlayStation Classic review. "Nor is it a smart adaptation of a capable emulator working behind the scenes."

That said, the console is now nearly 70% cheaper than it was at launch, and $34 may be enough to entice fans with fond memories of the PlayStation to give this mini model a try. As to whether the price will drop again? Only time will tell.

PlayStation Classic Full Game List

  • Battle Arena Toshinden
  • Cool Boarders 2
  • Destruction Derby
  • Final Fantasy VII
  • Grand Theft Auto
  • Intelligent Qube
  • Jumping Flash
  • Metal Gear Solid
  • Mr Driller
  • Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee
  • Rayman
  • Resident Evil Director’s Cut
  • Revelations: Persona
  • Ridge Racer Type 4
  • Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
  • Syphon Filter
  • Tekken 3
  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six
  • Twisted Metal
  • Wild Arms

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Avatar image for Mkeegs79

A big problem is games in that era didn't age well. They all often have a grainy look on the polygons which gives it a ugly look. It is just amazes how I used to think so many of the games I played in the past look mind blowing but today they look like crud. The 16 bit generation ages well and often blends well with indie titles getting mainstream appeal.

Avatar image for fanboyman

@Mkeegs79: I think a big problem is Sony used the worse versions of the games in the PS Classic.

Personally I never thought PlayStation or N64 games looked good but I enjoyed the gameplay.

Avatar image for nintendians

make it $15 dollars, then i'll buy it.

out of those game, 3 games (metal gear, tekken and resident evil) i would replay it.

Avatar image for guitarpete462

I bought mine at $40, I’m enjoying it. Considering it’s laughably simple to make backups of your own PS1 games, it was a nice way to take my personal collection, digitize it, and put them all on one little box in my bed room. I’m playing through Star Ocean The Second Story right now and having a pretty good time.

It’s really simple to do pretty much anything you want with this thing (well, except play Ape Escape, lol) so if you’re still complaining about it it must be just on principle. Which, I feel, indicates a certain level of stubbornness.

But hey, you do you!

Avatar image for qx0d

20 games isn't much in the first place, because the original PlayStation had thousands of games. Then to make matters worse, the selection of games is mediocre on PS Classic.

I wouldn't buy PS Classic... probably not for any price. The list of games on it just isn't enough. Most of those games on that list aren't classics. You need Tomb Raider, Gran Turismo, Silent Hill, Resident Evil 2, and other legitimate classics there.

The list just doesn't represent the best of the original PlayStation. That's the main problem with it. It's a limited amount of games and a mediocre selection.

Sony clearly saw the success of NES and SNES Classic, and so they made PS Classic. It's just too bad they didn't care enough to make a great PS Classic. If Sony doesn't care enough about it, why should we? Sony shouldn't have released it as it is. It's just not enough. It is a haphazard list and not representative of what made PlayStation great.

Avatar image for masterfrankgrimes

Until we can play all of the PS1 games on it, they could give it away and it still wouldn't be worth it. Who are they to decide what others want to play again?

Avatar image for jenovaschilld

Okay, lets be real folks: the above product is a waste of time and money at any price. There are some really, really troubling problems with this console that was released and they need to be addressed before it could be considered a worthy PS Classic that show cases young and old the amazing games for the PS.

The Games : the line-up of games are decent games but a sad representation of the library that allowed a newcomer to suddenly dominate the 5th gen. And why did they do this???? Because they didnt want to add a dual shock controller with the console thus a minor but important expense that was over looked. You cannot have games that supported analog/digital and rumble, but give them the base controller. Take Gran Tourismo, or tomb raider 2 or silent hill driver, tekken 3, etc. They should have just called it PSone classic early years, or something. Or put in a usb port that would allow updates.

The look and presentation: Because half of the games are PAL and not NTSC - they all look very crappy and slow. 50hz instead of 60 hz, I mean WHY WHY ?? the engineer should be fired and then sued for making such an incredibly bad decision. And this is one decision that would not change the price of the console in any way, it also means that 25yrs later you will play these classic games in the worse possible way.

LAck of choice, connectivity. : Small cables, no flash saves, connectivity options, and much more.

This system is no where near the quality of the SNES classic.

What could make it better : Dual shock contrllers, wider range of games. more ways to connect, save, and even allow a usb port to add more games. A documentary covering the PS consoles and 5th gen, built in.

That would be worth $100

Avatar image for guitarpete462

@jenovaschilld: There is a USB port to “add” more games. It’s super easy. Is it official? No. But why would they do that? Considering how painfully easy it is, I’m sure they’re expecting that people would figure it out.

We use google for everything else!

Avatar image for mbrogz3000

For a technical person or even a non technical person who knows how to follow pretty basic instructions and use a search function, PS Classic is now a tremendous value.

For an average consumer, it’s a still a piece of garbage.

Avatar image for UserX03

@mbrogz3000: But if you are technical, you don't need a PS Classic in the first place to play the PS1 games you want to play.

Avatar image for masterfrankgrimes

@mbrogz3000: For anyone it's a piece of garbage. Technical or not. Average or not. It's trash.

Avatar image for zontar

How do you think I feel I paid $150 in Australia for it preorder. I don’t even know where it is in the house now ;/

Avatar image for datriax

Let me know when it drops another $100. If Sony pays me $66, I just might consider picking it up.

Avatar image for Tidus1012

Funny thing how they say "for just 34", like implying that it's remotely an extraordinary offer.

This mini crap will still be overpriced at $10.

Avatar image for justthetip

I don’t even want this for $10. It would just be one more piece of junk I have that I never use. This thing hardly has any games worth playing.

Avatar image for jinzo9988

Third party. The biggest problem with this thing is that Sony had zero involvement with most if not all of the Playstation's most iconic games. Nintendo and Sega don't have this issue because by and large at least 50% of their consoles' libraries are comprised of games that they own. It costs them nothing to put them there. They have the money to make bigger licencing deals to round out the selection. Sony would've needed to license most if not every single game to make a killer lineup of games, and they would've had to sell the console at an even more expensive price point to recoup the costs.

Plus, I think the 16-bit stuff simply ages better. As awesome as the Playstation era was, this was the era of devs that didn't know how to program a great camera, a lot of games were very choppy in framerate, the graphics today are positively horrible on an objective level as evidenced by nobody today releasing games that mimic the visual style of an original Playstation game while there's a tsunami of devs mimicking the pixel art style, many devs were getting the feel for how 3D games should play... etc.

Avatar image for davillain-

This or the Sega Genesis Classic?

Avatar image for ymo1965

Buy one, strip the guts out and put a raspberry pi in it, much better selection of games! just saying...

Avatar image for neurogia

This is a case of MVP. Minimum Viable Product.

Put in the proper dual shock controllers, rectify the library, and allow the PS1 digital games off PSN to be loaded onto it

Avatar image for amaneuvering

The price is genuinely great, but the library and UI are still meh. And even with a hack you still end up with one crappy UI or another. If only Sony had included a better selection of games and created a properly cool/slick retro UI for the system, it could have been a big hit.

Avatar image for lion2447

I don't think the game selection was all that bad as everyone is going to have an opinion which games should fit on it. At this price though it would make a great modded emulator. I wouldn't bother with the base PS classic as it has been said to not run the games as well as the original hardware. Whats worse is the actual emulator they did use can play the games better than how it is actually being used in the PS classic. Sony somehow made an open source emulator run worse.

What baffles me the most though is the fact that Sony has been emulating PS1 games for decades and has the knowledge to do so will perfect results. Why they half-a**** it here is beyond me. If money was the primary reason then they got bit and bit hard.

Avatar image for guitarpete462

@lion2447: Well they did half ass it, but now it’s more than half price and if you have a computer it’s painfully easy to make backups of your games and put them on this thing.

Not quite a disk drive but it’s still cool!

Avatar image for masterfrankgrimes

@lion2447: What's baffling is that they restricted it to just a few games. Could have thrown in a disc drive for no cost at all. This thing is just dumb.

Avatar image for Archangel3371

Still too much. Pass.

Avatar image for shadowwarrior4

Dear Sorny,

if you want to sell a retro console listen to your fans and dont put the crapy games

love, some anonymous jerk

Avatar image for masterfrankgrimes

@shadowwarrior4: Stay in school kids.

Avatar image for heidern98

You couldn't pay me to take this system. The thing can't even emulate its poorly chosen library correctly. It is actually less of an experience then the original system.

Avatar image for Barighm

I find it kind of funny how GS is being paid to advertise it, but still like to remind us it sucks in the articles.

Avatar image for Sindroid

Id buy it for display..

Avatar image for creepshow2

@SindroidMaybe for 5 bucks.:

Avatar image for xgalacticax

What worked - PSOne as desirable as NES and SNES as a console.

What did not work - Terrible choice of games compared to SNES/NES; Terrible price compared to NES/SNES; visuals (choppy 3D) that don't hold up compared to NES/SNES sprites; and tanky controls (that go with the choppy visuals) compared to NES/SNES.

Sadly Sony only saw what worked and took a bet based on that alone - and failed. No surprises there.

Avatar image for amaneuvering


A fugly menu/UI too.

Avatar image for boardsport311


Avatar image for WhoIsTheDrizzle

Must feel the same pain Xbox one day one owners feel.

Avatar image for joey2010

How low can you go?

Reminds me of the hip-hop song by Ludacris

Avatar image for Bread_or_Decide

Still don't want it.

Avatar image for joey2010

@Bread_or_Decide: That's shady bro

Avatar image for Bread_or_Decide

@joey2010: $5 is a good price.

Avatar image for pmanden

@Bread_or_Decide: Nah, that is still too expensive. There is nothing classic about the PS Classic

Avatar image for videogameninja

Not surprised that the PS classic isn’t pulling in the same numbers the NES and the SNES classic did. Those former consoles are definitely in the old-school nostalgia class and due to the nature of their games/hardware they tend to lend themselves better to the adage of “having aged better”.

Seeing a 2d sprite of Mega man running across your tv screen is still going to look just as good as it did back then as opposed to the blocky polygons that were prominent during the PS/Sega Saturn era; at least by modern eyes. That’s not to say that it diminishes those great games from the laters era but to those out there in todays world of 4k HD images the disparity is quite striking.

The other issue (among a few others.) are the games being offered for the PS classic. Many of the complaints I’ve heard from fans have actually been about how many/what titles should have been in the collection to begin with. While that is a matter of opinion it seems with a catalogue so vast (PS 1.) that more than a few people would be left unhappy.

At the very least those who were a little apprehensive about the PS classic when it first came out may now find the incentive to get one considering the price drop. That’s never a bad thing.


Avatar image for santinegrete

One, just ANY Parasite Eve could have made this thing worth more.

Avatar image for guitarpete462

@santinegrete: I have it on mine!

Avatar image for santinegrete

@guitarpete462: you got the japanese version? or there's another way I could find about? (wink wink)

Avatar image for aross2004

@santinegrete: THIS! You get an upvote:)

Throw in Dino Crisis and we're all set.

Avatar image for srfilk86

Still more expensive than it's worth. Buy a regular PS1 and buy some games for it instead. Or a PS3, since most of the great PS1 games are on PSN.

Avatar image for DeadrisingX1

@srfilk86: Still rocking a PS2 slim with some lucky (reasonable!) PS1 finds... except for Ghost in the Shell. XD