[UPDATE] That Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Remake is Probably a Scam

Without Square Enix's permission, a developer is trying to put out an unauthorized version of one of Square's lesser known Final Fantasy games.

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[UPDATE]: Recent details paint the developer behind a potential Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest remake in a much more sinister light.

While Square Enix never responded to GameSpot's inquiry's into the game, or to this article once it was live, a savvy reader on Reddit who helped debunk the developer Dark Designs' earlier attempts to dupe consumers out of money.

Square's comment about Dark Designs was, "We are aware of the ‘FINAL FANTASY MYSTIC QUEST HD Remake’ project, and can confirm that it is not a Square Enix project nor endorsed by Square Enix in any way. We take the protection of our IP very seriously, and will be speaking with Dark Design Games to address this matter."

From GameSpot, we apologize for pointing you towards a site that sounds like it is maliciously taking users money and email addresses. If you have a pre-order, we suggest canceling it immediately.

The original story, with links out to the site removed, is posted below.

Square Enix is preparing to release a remastered version of one of the early--and arguably the most derided--Final Fantasy games, Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest.

Although the publisher has yet to make a formal announcement, UK-based studio Dark Design Games has already tweeted about the project, opened up preorders on its website, and released the trailer above. Dark Design claims the game runs at 60 frames per second in HD mode, despite what would appear to be a problematic frame rate in the video. The site notes the graphics, audio, and gameplay have all been remastered.

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The company's website lists Mystic Quest: HD Remaster (conspicuously lacking the Final Fantasy name) as coming to PC and Android on March 13 for $7.99. Preordering entitles you to unspecified "bonus content." We've contacted Square Enix to find out more and will report back with any additional details we receive.

Mystic Quest was originally released for Super Nintendo back in 1992 (and on the Wii Virtual Console in 2010). Despite carrying the Final Fantasy name, it lacked many of the defining aspects of the series in an attempt to make it easier to play for newcomers. Perhaps most notably, this includes a lack of random encounters. The game was, uncharacteristically for the franchise, released in North America before Japan, where it would be retitled Final Fantasy USA: Mystic Quest.

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