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[UPDATE] Square Enix Confirms Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date "Remains Unannounced"

"There was a Goof!" writes the Square Enix USA account.


[Update] Square Enix has since announced via Twitter that the release date for Kingdom Hearts III is still unconfirmed.

The original story follows below.

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Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts III is scheduled to launch this year, voice actor Bill Farmer has said on Twitter. Responding to fan questions, Farmer stated that to his knowledge, all voice recording had been completed for Kingdom Hearts 3 and that the game will be out "this year."

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In response to fans questions whether the voice recordings Farmer completed were for Kingdom Hearts III, Farmer responded with certainty. The last news we heard of a Kingdom Hearts III launch date was almost a year ago, with Square Enix debunking all release date rumours for the game.

Farmer voices several characters throughout the Kingdom Hearts series, including main character Goofy. He will reprise the role in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III. The most recent trailer featuring gameplay was released in October 2013, and can be watched here.

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