Update: Reiselied

Development of Konami's RPG is progressing nicely, and we have more screenshots for you to enjoy.


Konami hopes to create a realistic role-playing experience with its upcoming PlayStation 2 game Reiselied: Ephemeral Fantasia. One of the elements faciliatitng this realism is the use of chronological time in the game. Day turns to night and night turns to morning chronologically, and the events in the game are affected by this realistic use of time. Events occur in respect to both location and time - if players aren't in certain areas at specific times, they will miss certain events.

That game also features a complex battle system that already looks very promising. We'll have to wait to get more information about the game, including a firm release date - no date has been given for either the US or Japanese release. In the meantime, enjoy the screens.

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