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[Update] Pokemon Go Is Letting You Vote For The Next Community Day Pokemon

Developer Niantic is holding a poll on May 23-24 to determine what the featured Pokemon will be for June and July's Community Days.


Pokemon Go's May Community Day is set for this weekend, but players will have a chance to shape the game's next two events. As it did back in February, developer Niantic is letting players vote on what the featured Pokemon will be for June and July's Community Days. [Update: The Community Day voting has ended, and the two winning Pokemon are Weedle and Gastly. Weedle will be the featured Pokemon during June's Community Day, while Gastly will be featured during July's event.]

This time around, rather than casting votes by completing in-game Field Research tasks, players will simply be able to vote for their Pokemon of choice via a Twitter poll, which will be live from May 23-24. There will be four candidates to choose from; the one that receives the most votes will be June's featured Pokemon, while the runner-up will be July's.

The four candidates, and the Community Day moves they'd be able to learn if selected, are as follows:

  • Squirtle - Aura Sphere
  • Weedle - Drill Run
  • Sandshrew - Shadow Claw
  • Gastly - Shadow Punch

In the meantime, May's Community Day takes place this Sunday, May 24. The featured Pokemon this month is the Grass type Seedot. If you can power up Seedot's evolved form, Nuzleaf, into Shiftry by the end of the Community Day, it'll learn the event-exclusive move Bullet Seed. On top of that, you'll earn triple the usual amount of XP for catching Pokemon during the event, and any Incense you use will last for three hours.

Terrakion is also returning to Pokemon Go this week. The Legendary Pokemon will be available in five-star Raids once again from May 19-26, and this time around you'll have a chance to encounter its Shiny form. You can learn more about how to challenge the Legendary in our remote raiding guide.

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