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Update: GameSpot & GameFAQs Board Changes

The next phase in the shared game boards.


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The next phase in our GameSpot and GameFAQs breakup has been made this morning. Some of you will notice the following:

- All games now have a game board, thanks to everyone's feedback. You will still see some genre boards and series boards around the site, but for the most part there should not be anymore confusion about a missing game board.

- The GameFAQs crossover boards will no long be accessible, but you may continue to read the discussions. With this change, you will no longer be confused about why you received a moderation mark in your moderation history.

If you miss posting in GameFAQs crossover boards, you can still do this by simply using your GameSpot login and password on GameFAQs. Please do be mindful of their Terms of Use agreement because they still moderate for trolling, censor bypass, and flaming.

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