Update: Evil Twin: Cyprien's Chronicles

The French developer In Utero is busily working on its multiplatform action-adventure title, Evil Twin: Cyprien's Chronicles. We've got some brand new screens for you.


Evil Twin: Cyprien's Chronicles

GameSpot has several new screenshots of Evil Twin: Cyprien's Chronicles, a game from Ubi Soft and In Utero that will be released for PC, Dreamcast, and PlayStation 2. The game begins when the title character, Cyprien, is sucked into another dimension on his birthday. Now in this twisted world, he faces creatures from his darkest nightmares and must defeat this parallel world's evil before he can return home.

The visual style of this action-adventure is reminiscent of such Tim Burton movies as The Nightmare Before Christmas and Beetlejuice. The game appears to be geared toward gamers who prefer darker worlds as opposed to the cutesy environments found in games such as Rayman 2. Cyprien will encounter approximately 100 different creatures, some which he will fight and others which he will interact with peacefully. Other gameplay mechanics include puzzle solving and traditional platform run-and-jump gameplay.

The screenshots linked to the left are from the PC version of the game. According to Ubi Soft, the PlayStation 2 and Dreamcast versions will be virtually identical.

Evil Twin: Cyprien's Chronicles will be released in Spring 2001.

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