Update: Cancelled PS Omikron

While we confirmed the Dreamcast version last week, we now learn that the PlayStation version is nearing completion.


Last week, GameSpot News broke the news that Omikron is indeed being ported to the Dreamcast, while we reported that work on the PlayStation version had definitely ceased. Now we've learned that now cancelled PlayStation version was actually more complete than most people thought - 70 percent complete. Considering the game was still on target for a May 2000 release date, this had many people surprised - the developers included.

While Eidos previously claimed that the PlayStation could not handle the complexities of the Omikron world, it seems as though the developers weren't of the same opinion. According to sources at Quantic Dream, enough changes had been made to the PlayStation version to make it playable on Sony's console.

Why Eidos decided to cancel the 70-percent-complete PlayStation version remains a mystery.

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