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[Update] Apex Legends The Old Ways Event/Bloodhound Town Takeover Is Now Live

The Old Ways Lore Event adds a town takeover, legendary skins, and an exclusive prize track to Apex Legends, while also seeing the return of Legendary Hunt cosmetics.


Update: The Old Ways limited-time event is now live alongside a brand-new update. The update makes several game-changing adjustments to certain characters--for example, Revenant gets some terrifyingly powerful buffs and Lifeline is transformed into a more supportive medic. Our original story continues below.

A new Bloodhound-themed event is coming to Apex Legends next week, following the premiere of a new animated short (embedded below) and in-game map changes that teased a new town takeover. The limited-time event, The Old Ways, begins on April 7 and continues through to April 21.

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Now Playing: Apex Legends: The Old Ways - Map Changes & Rotations Explained

The Old Ways introduces Bloodhound's Trials as a town takeover on World's Edge, which will be placed in the northwestern portion of the map. Drop into the new location and you and your squad will find yourselves facing off against a hoard of prowlers. Braving the enclosure will allow you to find high-tier loot though. In a blog post, Respawn advises that players should take the opportunity to "explore the enclosure, especially with a certain hunter at your side" once the fighting is over, implying there may be some lore implications to discover.

Like Grand Soiree and System Override, The Old Ways introduces a new prize track that allows you to unlock exclusive cosmetic rewards by completing event challenges. The event will also see an assortment of rare and legendary cosmetics rotated into Apex Legends' in-game store, including a brand-new skin for Bloodhound, Young Blood, that dresses the technological tracker as they appeared in The Old Ways animated short.

The Old Ways also sees a callback to the last Bloodhound-themed limited-time event, Season 1: Wild Frontier's Legendary Hunt. During The Old Ways, you'll have a chance to earn any of the rewards from that event that you may have missed out on, as well as new recolored versions of the legendary Voices of the Past Wraith skin and legendary Trophy Collector R-301 skin.

When April 7 rolls around, The Old Ways won't be the only new thing for Apex Legends. Duos is being added as a permanent mode as well as a map rotation feature that will allow you to pick whether you want to drop on Kings Canyon or World's Edge.

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