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Upcoming DC Show Paradise Lost Is Game Of Thrones With Amazons

Daughters of Themyscira... show them your fear!


Co-CEO of DC Studios James Gunn announced Paradise Lost, a live-action television show about the Amazons of Themyscira aka Paradise Island, as part of the upcoming DC Universe slate. In a video describing upcoming film and television projects for the DCU, Gunn described Paradise Lost, "It's almost like Game of Thrones... but with all the inhabitants of Paradise Island."

Via this description the show will be a mystical drama, with massive battles and political intrigue. Themyscria has been a setting in live action DC films before, like in Wonder Woman and both versions of Justice League. Whether any of the actors who played Amazons in those films will return is unknown. It is also unclear what era the show takes place in, though the description would imply that the show takes place before most DCU projects.

The show takes its name not only from the famous epic poem, but from multiple Wonder Woman stories, such as an arc in the Justice League cartoon where the League protects Paradise Island and a comic series where Diana teams up with Batman to defend Gotham from a mythic menace.

In the video, Gunn describes how part of his job is making a new shared continuity for the DCU. Stories that take place outside of this continuity, such as Matt Reeves' Batman, will be under the brand DC Elseworlds. The DCU's takes on Superman and Batman will be revealed in upcoming films Superman: Legacy and The Brave and the Bold.

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