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Upcoming Battlefield 2042 Changes Announced, Including Fixes For Revives And Missing Loadouts

DICE has announced the next set of changes and fixes coming to Battlefield 2042 next week.


Only a day after releasing an update to fix ongoing rubber banding issues in Battlefield 2042, DICE has announced the next set of updates and balances coming to the game next week. The next update includes two fixes for soldier revives, brings back UAV-1 interactions, and fixes an issue with missing loadouts for players.

Announcing the changes on Twitter, DICE has outlined the next set of issues getting fixed in Battlefield 2042. The upcoming update will fix an issue where players fail to get off a revive if the downed player is too close to geometry. It also aims to fix an additional issue where some players are unable to be revived or respawn. DICE said the second fix will be serverside, but if it doesn't work it is already working on a backup solution.

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Another update is that after removing the UAV-1 in order to balance it, the UAV-1 will be reintroduced into the game. DICE is also in the process of testing a solution to an issue where players' loadouts would be missing from the game, which it aims to introduce in the next update. Lastly, DICE will be introducing some vehicle balancing. The LCAA Hovercraft is getting light armor, which will reduce the amount of health it has. Both the LCAA Hovercraft and the MD540 Nightbird will have their weapons tuned down, reducing their damage output.

These changes are planned to be introduced in an update at the end of next week. A recent update fixed an issue where players experienced rubber banding in late rounds of All-Out Warfare. In GameSpot's review-in-progress of Battlefield 2042, critic Phil Hornshaw gave the game an 8/10, writing, "What's really impressive in Battlefield 2042 is the variety that's on offer. It lets you play a bunch of different kinds of FPS experiences--in different game modes, in different Portal rule sets, and even in the same match as you switch between characters. Portal lets you relive the Battlefield games of the past, but on the 2042 side, DICE has cherry-picked from popular trends like hero shooters and battle royales."

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