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Unveiling the Gameplay of No Man's Sky

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Space flight, trade, bounty hunting, exploration, meeting others, and much more.

It's not very often a game invites the sort of intrigue that No Man's Sky has. Especially a game that on the face of it utilizes tried and tested mechanics. No Man's Sky is a game involving space combat, trade and exploration, so comparisons to EVE Valkyrie, Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen can easily be made. But, what makes No Man's Sky stand out is the way it departs from traditional mechanics, such as how it shuns traditional questing and player connectivity.

Freedom in video games is a dance between designer and player. We know where the limits are, we can see the invisible walls. But what if those walls didn't exist? What if the designer didn't communicate to the player how to play the game via missions and quests? What if we had true freedom, to go where we wanted, to teach ourselves about the limits of the game, to fail?

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Hello Games are clearly interested in keeping much of what their game is under wraps, but today we unveil some fundamental aspects of No Man's Sky and give insight into how the game can, and hopefully will, grow over time.

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The Next Big Game - No Man's Sky


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The Next Big Game - No Man's Sky

The Next Big Game - No Man's Sky
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