Untold Legends sequel goes gold

Sony Online Entertainment's second action RPG for the PSP marches into factory, due in stores March 14.


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Like a good many PSP launch titles, Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade got largely middling reviews. However, the role-playing game's hack-and-slash action won many fans, making it one of the top titles for Sony's handheld for months.

Today, Sony Online Entertainment has announced that Untold Legends' sequel, Untold Legends: The Warrior's Code has gone gold. Veterans of the first Untold Legends will notice the game's expanded storyline, which includes high-quality animated cutscenes, along with quite a few in-game cinematics. The plot in question concerns a secret society of shape-shifters on the short end of an attempted genocide by the hands of a powerful warlord. A small band of survivors comes across a secret that could lead to their salvation--that's when the players come into play as one of five character types.

Untold Legends: The Warrior's Code will also see the return of a cooperative mode, and gamers with more bloodlust can opt for the player-versus-player mode. Adventurers will traverse 45 areas across five new chapters and will battle more than 40 unique monsters and contend with 12 boss battles. The game is rated T for Teen, retails for $39.99, and will begin its retail quest March 14.

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