Untold Legends sequel follows Warrior's Code

New adventure for the PSP set to embark Q1 2006; game follows shape-shifters battling an evil warlord.


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When Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade hit North American stores the same time as the PSP, it was rightfully billed as the only role-playing game for the system. Almost half a year later, it still remains as the only PSP game with true RPG elements, and it has become the third-best-selling game for the platform.

Though there are a handful of RPGs coming out for the system before the end of the year, most are ports of Japanese games that don't quite fall into the hybrid action/role-playing-game genre, leaving fans of the button-mashing style of gameplay getting ready for a chilly winter. That all changed today, as fans of hack-and-slash RPGs got some good news. Sony Online Entertainment today announced that Untold Legends: The Warrior's Code will be released in the first quarter of 2006.

The new plot sees a secret society of shape-shifters on the short end of an attempted genocide. A powerful warlord has sent his cronies across the realm to enslave or slaughter anything that stands in his way. A small band of survivors comes across a secret that could lead to their salvation. Gamers will play as one of five shape-shifters as they struggle to survive.

The sequel to Brotherhood of the Blade will feature a brand-new storyline, in addition to enhanced graphics and effects. Cooperative mode returns, and gamers with more bloodlust can opt for the player-versus-player mode. Adventurers will traverse 45 areas across five new chapters and will battle more than 40 unique monsters and contend with 12 boss battles.

The game's announcement solves one mystery that arose late last month. Gamers did double takes as they saw information on a third Untold Legends title prior to knowledge of a second. A job listing on SOE's site had an open position for work on Untold Legends 3--before the company had made any mention of Untold Legends 2. The game description has since been pulled from the listing, but don't be surprised if this franchise is in the works as a trilogy.

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