Untold Legends coming to PS3

Sony Online unveils first game for new console, the online-enabled action RPG Dark Kingdom.


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Now that Sony has finally nailed down a release date for the PlayStation 3, gamers can start clamoring for a full list of launch titles. While that list isn't likely to emerge for a while yet, Sony Online has already filled in one piece of the launch lineup puzzle with today's announcement that Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom is under development to arrive alongside Sony's new console.

Continuing the series' mix of action and role-playing that it established in the first two Untold Legends games on the PSP, Dark Kingdom will take advantage of some of the new hardware's features. In addition to high-definition graphics (up to a resolution of 1080p) and 7.1 audio, Dark Kingdom will feature online multiplayer action and the ability to download new content from Sony's online service after launch.

Sony Online is emphasizing "physics-based" gameplay for the title, promising fully interactive environments where players can pick up and use objects and enemies alike as weapons or tools on their quest. Players will be able to choose from three different characters and earn spells and abilities throughout the game, all while amassing loot in the form of the game's hundreds of weapons, armor, and other items.

As for the game's story, Sony Online has enlisted fantasy writer Keith Baker, who has previously authored Dungeons & Dragons and Star Wars novels. The plot revolves around a king who falls increasingly under the influence of dark forces and around the efforts of his once-loyal servant (the player) to stop his new reign of terror.

Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom is scheduled for release with the PlayStation 3 in November. The game is not yet rated, and Sony Online has not announced a retail price for it.

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