Untitled Goose Game Dev Moves Over To Another Award-Winning Studio

Florence developer Mountains picked up two other developers as well.


Mountains, the developer of the critically acclaimed interactive story game Florence, has hired the lead programmer of the wildly successful indie puzzler Untitled Goose Game.

The studio announced that programmer Cherie Davidson, who did "a lil code for Untitled Goose Game" according to her official website, is now a part of the team. The studio also brought on the lead developer of the kid-friendly arcade treasure hunter Calamari Kid and a programmer of the co-op parenting simulator Think of the Children.

Mountains said in a follow-up tweet that all three programmers have been "on board for a while now" and that the studio "can't wait to show you what we've all been working on together."

Untitled Goose Game has been a massive success for developer House House, with the indie puzzler selling more than a million copies across all platforms, winning a Game of the Year trophy at the Game Developers Choice Awards, and more. The game is so popular it even spawned its own virtual desktop "helper" inspired by '90s assistants like Clippy. We scored the game an 8/10 in our Untitled Goose Game review, saying "It's charming and cute despite being mean, and both very silly and very clever. It's also probably the best non-racing game ever to feature a dedicated 'honk' button."

Florence is Mountains' first game, and it grabbed a bunch of awards after it launched on Android and iOS devices in early 2018. Apart from making our own list of the five best mobile games of 2018, Florence took home the Portable Game of the Year trophy at the 2018 DICE Awards, picked up the Best Debut and Best Mobile Game accolades at 2019's Game Developers Choice Awards, and has been archived at an Australian exhibit in Canberra by the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia. More recently, the game was ported over to the Nintendo Switch in February 2020.

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