Untitled Goose Game Could Become A Real Lego Set

It's a Lego morning in the village, and you are a horrible goose.


Untitled Goose Game has become something of a cultural phenomenon as gamers and celebrities alike celebrate the joy of being a horrible goose. The meme-ready game has now been immortalized as a Lego Ideas concept, allowing fans to vote to make it a retail reality.

The Lego Ideas project from submitter A Fellow Player displays the familiar garden scene from the first goose mission, with the goose running from a gardener mini-figure. The scene is littered with gardening implements and scenery, including the gardener's hat, and an ironically-placed "No Geese" sign. Notably the flooring of the set is composed mostly of smooth bricks, making the few spots with a stud for the goose to attach to part of the scene. You can place it in the middle of the action or hiding behind some plants.

Untitled Goose Game Lego Ideas Set
Untitled Goose Game Lego Ideas Set

This is a Lego Ideas set, which means it's subject to voting from the community. Ideas submissions get extra time added for consideration as they meet certain voting thresholds, and if one reaches 10,000 supporters it gets expert review by the Lego company and then possibly an actual retail release. The Horrible Goose set is only up to about 500 votes as of the time of writing, but was also selected for accolades as a Staff Pick.

Previous Lego Ideas sets that have passed muster and become full-fledged retail sets have included pop culture references like Voltron, Friends, and a black-and-white Steamboat Willie. They also often encompass complicated and creative builds, like a pop-up book, ship in a bottle, or the International Space Station.

Untitled Goose Game recently passed one million sold, and was one of GameSpot's top Switch games of 2019.

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