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Until Dawn Sales Better Than Expected, Sequel Ideas Brewing

"It's definitely surpassed expectations."


PS4 horror game Until Dawn has exceeded sales expectations and a sequel is being discussed. Executive producer Pete Samuels says in a new interview with PlayStation Lifestyle, "It's definitely surpassed expectations," though a specific sales figure for the game has not been announced.

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Back in September, PS4 boss Shuhei Yoshida said he was surprised by how well the game had sold, especially considering how little marketing the company did for it. The game will continue to sell well in the holiday season, he said, going on to describe it as a "sleeper hit" for the PS4.

Samuels also teased that developer Supermassive Games is thinking about Until Dawn 2, though he admitted that it's "a little early" to talk specifics.

"We do talk internally about what Until Dawn 2 could be, as it clearly can't be a sequel in the traditional sense, with the same characters facing the same threat, not least of which because in different stories some or all of them are already dead!" he explained. "We've investigated other ways we could do Until Dawn 2 but it probably is a little early to be discussing that."

If Supermassive does not work on Until Dawn 2, you can still expect the studio's next game to benefit from lessons learned on the first game--whether they make a horror game or something different.

"I think that you should expect the team to build on what we've done with Until Dawn, whether it's in horror or in other genres," he said. "We're already working on one thing that does that, whilst exploring other avenues for our other teams in anticipation of them finishing their current projects."

GameSpot scored Until Dawn an 8/10, while the game was generally well-received across the board.

What would you like to see from an Until Dawn sequel, if it ever happens? Let us know in the comments below.

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