Unreal Tournament will make a comeback in Unreal Engine 4

Epic Games teases a May 8 reveal.

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A couple of tweets from Epic Games executives tell us that the company will soon reveal more about the future of the Unreal Tournament series, and that it will use Epic’s new Unreal Engine 4.

Vice President, Product Development Paul Meegan first said that to find out more about the future of Unreal Tournament and the UE4 developer community, you should tune into Epic’s Twitch channel on Thursday, May 8, at 2 p.m. Eastern Time.

So far, Epic has used the channel to discuss various technical aspects of UE4 and to answer questions from developers.

Vice President and Co-Founder Mark Rein added that he’s excited for the future of Unreal Tournament, and that we’ll find out more during the broadcast.

This is surprising news given that In March, Epic’s Tim Sweeney said that company was not working on another Unreal Tournament. "We have a lot of nostalgia for the game," Sweeney said at a panel during GDC 2014. "But we're actually not developing anything in the Unreal game universe at all at the moment."

We last saw the first-person arena shooter series with the release of Unreal Tournament III in 2007.

Epic is currently hard at work at Fortnite, a PC-exclusive free-to-play third-person shooter with deep crafting and building elements.

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Perfect.Now we need some more great games like HL3,Doom4 and Quake 5 to fix the fps genre for good.

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1.5 Hours for announcement !! WOOT

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Destined to fail. Prepare for Battlefield/CoD and dumb vehicle action with lots of shiny surfaces.

Are people really asking for a console version? Fucking stupid?

Console version of this game = 100% failed game.

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Hell yeah!!

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Thank you first of all Epic, you done us proud with your decision, that means your listening. I'm from the Unreal 2 Expanded Multiplayer (U2XMP) world, an underrated and fun game. My biggest wish on my wishlist would be to bring jumpjets into UT4!!! In U2XMP snipers would tag that ass several hundred feet in the air!!!

Again we are proud that your keeping up the tradition, continue listening to your fans and you will be rewarded!!!!!

CALLING ALL Y4K Clan members!!!!

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Jumpjets? Are you fucking retarded?

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As long as it's not consolized garbage like Unreal Tournament 3, I'm in.

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Flak Cannons for EVERYONE!!!

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Finally, hope the PC version at least escapes from the shackles of closed console environment. The reason what made UT legendary were the community mods, maps

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<< LINK REMOVED >> ^THISSS and after taking out double jump and wall jumps UT3 sucked, it was so switched up. honestly if they just remade ut2004 on PC and build the community that would make it successful

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I have so much fun memories playing this game when the original Tournament came out. UT 2K4 was awesome as well, we used to have lan parties back in the day, Wicked Sick stuff!

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hooray for gibs

Avatar image for TimberWolf_CLT

That would be sweet. The return of the King.

On a side note: Let's start taking bets for when the first "just as lame as Titianfall" type of comment appears once a trailer shows up.

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Back to where it all started.

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cant wait good bye cod and bf its over for you when the new unreal drops that is a fact

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Can't wait!!!

Unreal Tournament is the king of Deathmatch!

Especially UT2004 has still today excellent gameplay!


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have had a good arena shooter in freakin years

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Believe me....... Other First-Person-Shooters are Screwed !

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Oh yes please !!

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now if only ID announce quake 5.. it will be 1999 all over again.. no more CoD vs BF debates.. the real debate would begin

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So long as it's on consoles I'm excited. Unreal Tournament, and Championship were the best arena shooters, uhm, I don't know... ever!

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UT3 suffered from a low amount of maps. The main difference between UT99, UT 2k4 and UT3 was the sheer lack of maps in UT3. Coming out around the same time as CoD:MW2 didn't really help it either :/

Hopefully this will be a flagship for unreal engine 4 that unreal always was before for prior engines.

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Hopefully arena-type shooters will make a comeback and change the scene up a bit

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Hope they get back to its tournament roots. Three was a disappointing step backwards.

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If its like Unreal Tournament 1 sign me up. That game was a blast!

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Still is. I play it all the time.

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Nice i loved UT3..:D

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Finally!! Been waiting for a new UT for so long. I've had enough of all these dude bro shooter.

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Oh dear God no, I know I'm generally one of the first to rise up and scream "yeah!" when people talk about a new Unreal Tourney, but given how only very, very few modern iterations of old franchises end up not sucking, I'm slightly worried. Fingers crossed no microtransactions or Free2Play.

"Oh boy a Redeemer!"

*Please pay $1 for three uses*

"Awww yeah, so gonna jam Onslaught!"

*Please pay $15 for Unreal GameModes pack, InstaGib not included*

*No mod support, no bots, mutators? $1 per use of one for one match*

Okay I'm gonna stop now, stay optimistic Koos, stay optimistic!

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Make sure to put some color in the game this time. UT3 looked like washed out shit. If the color was any more desaturated, it would've been black and white.

Avatar image for jZangetsu21

<< LINK REMOVED >> You're obviously color blind or you had a really bad PC.

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Compared to UT2003 & UT2004...UT3 was quite flat; nowhere near as vibrant.

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He is kind of exaggerating. Just look at maps like Rising Sun, those are very bright. However, I agree most maps are very dark In UT3. But than compare UT3 between Gears of War(Everyone says UT3 looks like GOW), an you'll see GOW looks extremely grey/brown/black compared to even the darkest maps of UT3.

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Unreal Tournament was one of my first ever multiplayer shooters, and UT 2004 is still one of my favorites.

It'll be damn good to have a good multiplayer FPS again, I was ready to move on from Modern military arcade shooters about 5 years ago.

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yay more free to pay.... But besides that.

UT3 warfare mode, was massively under-rated. I think the warfare mode in UT3, was better than the BF3 and BF4 conquest modes. It had a supply line where you had to link nodes(flags) together ,you couldnt just run around aimlessly like in BF and get flags wherever you want like a headless chicken. It made for a better experience in a open style MP shooter than BF gives me. You had actual solid targets to get to and defend also.

When you lost certain areas, it really had a huge impact on your team. Youd lose certain vehicles, lose access to your flags and areas. Hugely under-rated.

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I used to be so into UT'99-2003. Damn good lan parties

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Unreal Tournament has been such a great series, to see them remake the original game would be great. But I hope that they would somehow bring UT2003 and UT2004 back aswell somehow onto consoles and re-release it onto PC's onto Disk or DLC because no matter how old the graphics are the gameplay is completely ruthless. Thank You Epic Games for such a great series and hope may you have the Best of Wishes.

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I thought Epic Games was basically going completely Free-to-Play from now on. I guess they could make Unreal Tournament into a F2P game if they want..

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<< LINK REMOVED >> My only problem with that would be that it means yet another multiplayer shooter, with no real single-player bot mode.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Its UT... It will never be a cliche.

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Now, will theme of the game be aware of the absurdity of its underlying premise like UT2k4 and its predecessors, or will it try to take itself seriously like UT3?

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About freaking time! I hope they go for more of the classic Unreal gameplay and less of Unreal 3. M M M M MMONSTER KILL!

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@ahpuck there was nothing wrong with UT3. It was pretty much the same game. The warfare mode was awesome in UT3. Completely under-rated. I think the warfare mode with its supply links was better than BF3 and BF4 conquest modes. You couldnt just run around getting flags, there was an actual real defense element to it to.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> HOLLLY SHIT-SHIT-shit-shit-shi.....

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