Unreal Tournament Update

Get the latest details on and take a look at new screenshots of Unreal Tournament for the Sega Dreamcast.


Unreal Tournament (1999)

At the recently concluded Sega Executive Games Summit, Infogrames showed off the latest build of Unreal Tournament for the Sega Dreamcast. It will include a total of 70 maps, with 20 new maps that will be exclusive to the DC version. In fact, all the maps from the PS2 version, even the ones that were exclusive to the PS2, are in the Dreamcast version. Players can frag online with up to eight players on a server. Offline, the game can be played in a two-player split-screen mode. Infogrames has also tweaked the bot AI for the DC version of the game. The company feels that this will result in improved level navigation, the ability to understand lifts, the ability to swim, triggered doors, and the use of pick-up items such as toxin suits and asbestos boots. Additionally, the bots can make smarter weapons selections for specific situations.

The Dreamcast version will also have the domination mode, and interestingly, it will make further use of the chain saw. In fact, the game's cover will feature a chain-saw-wielding character.

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