Unreal Tournament Halloween Update Adds New Map, Creepy Hats, and More

Yet another game is celebrating the spooky holiday.


With Halloween now just days away, Epic Games has released a special update for its in-development Unreal Tournament game inspired by the spooky holiday.

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A new patch for the Unreal Tournament pre-alpha introduces a map called Spooky Face, described as a "twisted take" on the classic Facing Worlds environment. In addition, players can collect skulls to earn special hats, a pair of which--Harvest Ember and Pumpkin Fiend--are yours to keep after the promo ends.

The Halloween festivities in Unreal Tournament are live now and will only be available during the holiday period. A full rundown of Unreal Tournament's Halloween features is below, courtesy of Epic Games.

  • Earn special seasonal leader hats by picking up skulls dropped on death on all Epic hubs
    • 200 skulls earns the Harvest Gourd.
    • 1000 skulls earns the Harvest Spectre.
    • 5000 skulls earns the Harvest Ember.
  • Earn special seasonal leader hats for completing the Halloween Offline Challenges
    • Five spooky stars earns the Trickster horns.
    • Ten spooky stars earns the Hellion horns.
    • Fifteen spooky stars earns the Baaler horns.
  • Earn the Pumpkin Fiend mask for gathering pumpkins on Spooky Face
    • 6666 pumpkins earns the Pumpkin Fiend mask.

The new Unreal Tournament update adds more than just Halloween items. Players can also look forward to improvements to the game's tutorial, weapon balance tweaks, better server admin support, and more. Check out the complete patch notes here.

The new Unreal Tournament is a completely free game. Epic is collaborating with fans on its development, and the plan is to offer a marketplace where fans can buy and sell new content (with Epic taking a cut).

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