Unreal Tournament Bonus Pack Available

Epic Games' free upgrade for Unreal Tournament includes new levels, characters, and enhancements.


Announced last month by Brandon "GreenMarine" Reinhart in a plan-file update, the free Unreal Tournament expansion pack is done, and it is available for download. Simply called Bonus Pack, the free download enhances retail copies of Unreal Tournament by adding new characters, levels, and relics.

"This bonus pack gives us an opportunity to thank our fans with some extremely fun additions and new surprises," said Unreal Tournament lead game designer Cliff Bleszinski. "We wanted to continue to support our online community, as well as offer up more of what players have been asking for."

Among the Bonus Pack's new additions are three new characters derived from Epic's original Unreal: the Skaarj Hybrid, a Nali warrior, and a Nali Warcow. Other enhancements include 11 new deathmatch and capture-the-flag levels and six new relics that improve speed, defense, power, and other character traits.

The Bonus Pack can be downloaded immediately from GameSpot, linked to the right, for free.

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