Unreal Tournament 2003 Bonus Pack released

Epic Games releases its long-awaited expansion pack for Unreal Tournament 2003.


Unreal Tournament 2003

Epic Games has released the second free, downloadable bonus pack for Unreal Tournament 2003. The new pack includes 10 maps, three new game types, two new adrenaline combos, new announcer voices, and an in-game music manager.

The three new game types are mutant, last man standing, and invasion. Mutant is a mode where the game designates one player as the mutant, equipped with all weapons, extra ammo, invisibility, and added agility and power. The mutant's health decreases over time and can be replenished only by killing other players. Once another player kills the mutant, that player takes over the mutant's role, and the game continues from there. Players can earn points only by killing other players while in the mutant role. Last man standing is a mode taken from the original Unreal Tournament--players receive additional health for fragging opponents, and standing still for too long will reveal your location to other players. Invasion is a cooperative mode where players team up against increasingly large waves of incoming monsters.

The new adrenaline combos include pint-sized, which makes players half their normal height, and camouflage, which projects a static decoration over top of you as a disguise. Along with the 10 new maps, new announcer voices, and an in-game OGG music player, Epic's bonus pack offers plenty of new value for fans of UT 2003. GameSpot Complete users can download the demo from the link below. The demo file is also available from the previous coverage.

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