Unreal Tournament 2003 bonus media

Epic will soon release a bonus pack with nine maps, three new game modes, and three new announcer voices. Details and movies inside.


Unreal Tournament 2003

Epic and Digital Extremes are currently finishing up a free downloadable bonus pack for Unreal Tournament 2003. As Epic's Cliff Bleszinski revealed at the CPL event a couple of weeks ago, the bonus pack will include three new game modes, nine maps, and three additional announcer voices.

Two of the game modes may be somewhat familiar. Admittedly reminiscent of the rabbit game type in Tribes 2, the mutant game type makes one player a faster, regenerating mutant. The player who kills the mutant takes its place, and whoever spends the most time as the mutant wins. The second game mode, last man standing, is quite self-explanatory and is said to be an improved version of the original Unreal Tournament mode. The final mode, invasion, can be played cooperatively with other players online and involves the human players trying to fight off attacking waves of aliens. The invading aliens are all from Unreal, and include the skaarj.

The bonus pack will also include maps of varying sizes, and many of them use art that was not included in Unreal Tournament 2003. Bleszinski demoed a number of the bonus pack maps, and a map that took place in an ice environment was particularly striking. Check out a movie of the bonus pack maps linked below.

There are a few other features in the bonus pack. Epic listened to fans' complaints about the default announcer voice in Unreal Tournament 2003. The bonus pack not only includes additional sound clips from that announcer, but it also adds three entirely new announcers recorded specifically for the upcoming download. The new announcers include a booming "godlike" male voice and two female voices, one of which is said to be very sultry.

Stay tuned for more details on the Unreal Tournament 2003 bonus pack.

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