Unreal Championship update available

Atari announces that an auto-update addressing issues with its popular first-person shooter is now available via Xbox Live.


Atari, along with Digital Extremes and Epic Games, has today announced the release of an auto-update for Unreal Championship. The patch, which will download automatically as soon as players attempt to play the game online, addresses a number of known issues with the game, including weapon exploits and team balancing. The full list of fixes, as posted in the game's official forum by Digital Extremes, is as follows:

1. TAG rifle exploit.
2. Rocket launcher exploit.
3. All known map exploits.
4. Auto-aim exploit.
5. Novice bot stats exploit.
6. The message "No AA" now denotes a server that has auto-aim disabled.
7. "Ghost-flag" exploit in CTF matches.
8. Joining full servers--UC now checks if there is room in the game before loading the map.
9. Resolved occasional crash problem when joining a friend's match.
10. Resolved issues with max players and private slots.
11. Players will now receive one point of damage when impeding lifts.
12. The translocator disc will return to the gun, if it impedes a lift.
13. Players can no longer utilize the translocator to pass through world geometry.
14. Antialiasing is now disabled by default. To enable it, depress both thumbsticks simultaneously during the initial UC intro video sequence.
15. Team-balancing fixed. The message "Teams Unbalanced" will show up briefly during an existing match if the teams become unbalanced.

In addition to the auto-update released today, Atari is promising that the first downloadable bonus content for Unreal Championship will be released in the near future. For more information, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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