Unravel Is E3 2015's Most Adorable Game

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Today during their E3 press conference, EA unveiled Unravel, a new game from Swedish indie developer Coldwood Studios.

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Unravel is a puzzle platformer about a character made from red yarn named Yarny. According to creative director Martin Sahlin, the yarn represents love. You play as Yarny, who runs through someone’s life, trying to put the pieces back together. Players will use the yarn to solve environmental problems, like using it to swing across a gap, fly a leaf like a kite, and climb over obstacles like trees.

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I'm buying this game not only because it's cute and looks fun, but because I want Nervous Yarn Man to be happy.

Yarn Man won E3.

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I love it when people get on stage and ARE nervous because everything they say is always genuine. Kudos to this developer for being raw.

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looks nice

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This is quite beautifully looking game, here's hope that controls would do it justice unlike LBP.

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I was really into this one. Two nitpicks:

1. I really wish at the end that little Yarny would have hugged the yarn button instead of holding it up. It would have made me feel a connection to the goal, like that button really means something to Yarny. It would have made me wonder who it belongs to, or who Yarny is trying to reconnect with. But instead it looked like a standard level end.

2. How wrong was the transition to the next game? It was nice soft piano music at the end, fade to black, allowing us to think about the game in-- NOPE!!! ANNOYING LOUD MUSIC, STROBING LIGHTS, DANCING ZOMBIE MASCOT!

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@elheber: Me and some friend commented on that too (the second point) was really weird. And you should have seen Twitch chat.

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@darklord_86: I saw chat when it was happening, and it made me sick. People are mean!

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This game was the best EA title - the developer was nervous but more sincere and genuine than anyone else and it showed beautiful gameplay that looked like an original and fantastical take on Limbo. It was, together with Battlefront and possibly Mirror's Edge, the saving grace of a rather awkward E3 press conference.

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The director was nervous man I couldn't do more than simpathize with him, the game looked great had a charming perspective and gameplay seemed interesting, looking foward to this one, nice surprise by EA.

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An indie game by EA? Hmm.. I'm a bit suspicious about this...

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This looks really good and the creator is so hopelessly awkward. :D

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One of the few good things to come out of this press conference.

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No guns? Surprised to see it published by EA.

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Yeah, it's not an indie game if it's not independent lol

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If EA is publishing it, it is no longer indie, is it?

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@darklord_86 said:

If EA is publishing it, it is no longer indie, is it?

independently developed...(?)