Unofficial 'Steam Box' Xi3 Piston price starts at $1000

Tiny PC packs 8GB of RAM and 3.2GHz Quad Core AMD A10 processor.


The Xi3 Piston--the third-party "Steam Box" that Valve is helping finance--has been officially priced to start at $1,000.

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The ultra-small Piston is packing 8GB of RAM and a 3.2GHz Quad Core AMD A10 processor. The standard $999.99 model comes with a 128GB SSD hard drive, with 256GB and 512GB models costing $1,339.99 and $1,749.99 respectively. The device is intended to sit under your television and be used in conjunction with Steam's Big Picture mode.

Preorder the device before March 18, and Xi3 will offer a $100 discount and the promise that customers will receive the grapefruit-sized PC during the "2013 holiday season."

The Piston isn't Valve's own Steam Box, which is also in production. Gabe Newell said last week that prototypes of Valve's machine should be going out within the next few months.

"Clearly, the computer/video gaming market is huge, both in the personal computer and traditional console markets," said Xi3 CEO Jason Sullivan in a press release.

"That being said," Sullivan added, "we believe there is a crying need for a machine that captures the best of both worlds, with the upgradeability of computer gaming rigs and the design and form factor of consoles. We believe our Piston Consoles do exactly that--deliver the beauty and small size of consoles with the upgradeability of computers."

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Avatar image for Gameadd1cts

THIS IS FUCKING STUPID why would i buy this if i could buy a ps4 for 400 dollars or xone for 500? cut the price for 500 or at least 400 and maybe just maybe it could be fine, for a "console" that just runs the Steam Big Picture 1000 dollars is way too much, it's not like you have to be rich to buy this. If you're smart you wouldn't buy this.

Avatar image for vLuminaire

Only dumbers or rich fags buy this poo, ps4-xbox720-custom pc all the way.

Avatar image for Steel_Rain777

Ouch for $1750 one can purchase parts for rig that would be even better than this console/hybrid. Sorry I'll pass. Speaking of passing, give us some of that stuff you guys are smoking to be charging that much.

Avatar image for megakick

I'll pass rather build my own computer then this box probaby has spyware and other unwanted garbage...

Avatar image for wilhelmalexis

but can it run Crysis?

Avatar image for RhythmAndBlues

Ouch. That's money.

I wish them all the best, but I can't say I'll be getting behind it. Not unless something special happens between now and release.

Avatar image for Xenuri


Avatar image for Xenuri

So much negativity here, cheer up else your heading the way of bigfoot!!

Avatar image for Tork74

I'msure that AMD will get hot enought to steam shrimp lol

Avatar image for LukeWesty

Why have they made it so small, there is such thing as too big but I also think there is a too small.

So they are charging $749.99 just for a bigger hardrive??

Avatar image for GOGOHeadray

Do they actually think people are going to buy a 1,000 console/pc hybrid? I want some of whatever they are smoking!!

Avatar image for wizardboyus

doesn't the ps4 have 8 "cores?" then this thing should be half the price. of whatever the ps4 is gonna cost.

Avatar image for wizardboyus

@Suikogaiden dude...nice

Avatar image for ristactionjakso

That's a no go on the $1,000.

Avatar image for ello432

For those that dont know about A10 processors its an APU. they combine the processor and GPU in a single chip. the current A10 has a radeon hd 7760d its 384 cores and a 800MHz clock speed with shared memory it uses a lot of power and runs hot. its a meh chip use for cheap media centers

Avatar image for zyxe

@ello432 wouldn't have hurt if the author had put this in the article, too, huh! (for us non-AMD/APU users who are used to a separate cpu/gpu for decent gaming performance)

Avatar image for ello432

sorry I ment Radeon 7660d

Avatar image for Alexzander_Lexx

Why do they hide the graphics gpu specs? They only said is 7000 series. But this could mean 7750/7770 not 7850/7870 . So what do they sell. A cheap slow specs pc at a high price , or a really good one. If this is based on 7770, than it's a no go at this price ( 900 us $ ) . I they show us that this mini machine runs Crysis 3 at a minimum 30 fps with high details in fullHD rezolution, than we talk. Crysis is the first wave of high tech graphics games, so if this is not at least as powerfull as a PS 4 than this is for fools with a lot of money who don't really care about their pockets. Around the 900 price a notebook with GT730 scores arround 20 fps in high details on 720p resolution.

Avatar image for Poodlejumper

I was kind of hyped for this but...what's the attraction?

It's more portable? Good. It's got Steam preset with Linnux...OK. I can hook it up to my TV...well my PC already is hooked up to my TV.

I could just upgrade my existing PC for half of that.

Avatar image for brantkings

This is so much fail, let's see the real steambox.

Avatar image for HD_audio_CoYotE

are you kidding me ? that's a pretty good joke :D :D :D

they won't get far with this...

OUYA 4 THE WIN !!!!!

Avatar image for UNSCSpartin

What was the GPU specs?

Avatar image for ello432

@UNSCSpartin the current GPU in the AMD A10 chips are Radeon HD 7660d sooo.. prolly 800 MHz and 380+ cores with shared memory as per the A10's u can currently buy.

Avatar image for johnlyw

Wait... That is a gaming device?! How much heat can that thing take after 4 - 6 hours of gaming? Unless u are telling me that there is a mini liquid nitrogen cooling set up inside.. Normal cooling system just ain't gonna cut it.

Avatar image for Tork74

cooling looks like a shortcoming,900 bucks is a really big hit for the goodies in this box.I can't see it in my future unless it is delivered free to bench test. sry..

Avatar image for johnman05

LOL I can build a mini ITX gaming computer and hook it up to my TV for much less...what a joke. Reminds me of Apple...

Avatar image for osirisx3

lol an a10 will be dated when this thing ships and an ssd what a waste.

Avatar image for Faster_Bill

1000$? Nice joke.

Avatar image for Jerrytje

why is it called underpowered when it runs crysis 3, my $1500 laptop from 2 years ago cant run crysis 3

Avatar image for cesarexec22

@Jerrytje you got ripped the **** off!!! @JVjefke @RhythmAndBlues @UNSCSpartin @JVjefke @ristactionjakso @effendi360

Avatar image for realguitarhero5

It's not a "console killer" if it costs 3 times more for the most basic SKU

Avatar image for Kraken422

Hahahaha, so much for the console killer some people were dubbing this as. Who's going to buy one?

Avatar image for Xenuri

@Kraken422 This is NOT Valves steam box!!

Avatar image for dhayter

@Xenuri dont cha think this is the indicator of what price range of Valve's own box??
yes so @Kraken422 points is valid

Avatar image for Xenuri

@dhayter @Xenuri No because the Piston's main advantage is its small form factor which bumps up the price, some people might want to pay more for the smaller hardware however this has nothing to do with Valves own project.

Avatar image for jsmoke03

uhhh....really? why don't i just buy a gaming pc and hook it up to my tv....

Avatar image for Jennaralize

JUST WHAT I ALWAYS WANTED! :-O An underpowered, overpriced, not particularly upgradeable PC type device that costs lots and lots of money! Yaaaaaaay! Now my life is complete and allll my problems are solved! *sigh of relief* :-)

Avatar image for MatrixGamer78

who the hell is the owner of this fucking steambox???

Avatar image for cesarexec22

@MatrixGamer78 watch your godammm language in here

Avatar image for Inferi-Fang

Man, that's way to high.

Avatar image for OU_Munky

before anyone rips me on typed...exhausted....whacked out on pain pills

...the good news...finally passed my kidney

Avatar image for wizardboyus

@OU_Munky ..what?

Avatar image for OU_Munky

from a product development standpoint, I can see where tgh price comes from.

Small company pours money into r&d, thry come up with a product, after spending a small fortune in development. Now they are trying to recoup thier loss based on a small forecast.

This is whyvgame consoles are only coming from the big dogs, they spend so much in r&d that they initially take heavy losses in system sales, because they can afford it. Later through liscensing...larger forcasts...cost reductions..higher volume sales they eventually start turning a profit.

These guys xant afford to take the loss, so they expect the consumer to pony up and subsidize the r&d, initial manufacture setup costs etc.

So it doesntvreally matter how great the idea is, the business plan has a fatal flaw...which they jyst revealed.

I applaud thier attempting to break new ground...but as it stands now. Noone will buy this and they will go under...just too costly.

I also imagine at that pricing, they are far overreaching on margin (kinda like apple), or they are getting outright screwed by thier component suppliers (which happens either from inexperienced manufacturing group...or low volume orders)

I agree, they just shot themselves in the foot...and they probably are reluzing that right about now, but I tjought this perspective might lend some clarity to thier thinking.

Avatar image for goggles123456

Another gimmick to take advantage of ignorant people with money.

Avatar image for goggles123456

@PSYCHOV3N0M I love that you are spending $2.00 per woman. Hilarious!! :)

Avatar image for Hortey

@goggles123456 @PSYCHOV3N0M He could take out twice that amount, but psycho is a classy guy... he buys them a small fry to go with their McBurger. Of course, he fills a water cup with soda, he's not MADE of money now is he?

Avatar image for andrew_ribbons

Hope this can run Windows and isn't stupidly blocked out or something. I really am not interested in Steam Linux. Having tried it, i was thoroughly underwhelmed by it's performance and games selection. I know it's a new 'platform' in that it's running on Linux...yea that's great but Windows is still the best place to be running games. Huge selection, easy installation, proper driver support and quite honestly, it's where i'm at home.

Avatar image for wilhelmalexis


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Avatar image for wizardboyus

@effendi360 wtf is this..?