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Universal Studios Japan to host Monster Hunter event

Festival to have 1:1 scale monsters and villages from hit action RPG franchise.


To say that Capcom's Monster Hunter series is successful in Japan is a gross understatement: The last Monster Hunter title shipped 4.6 million copies, despite the title being only released in Japan. The franchise's popularity is so huge that Capcom will be holding a Monster Hunter Portable 3rd event at the Universal Studios Japan theme park located in Osaka. The event will be titled "The Real Monster."

Godzilla's got some competition.
Godzilla's got some competition.

According to a recent post on Capcom Unity, this collaboration between the company and Universal will involve the creation of life-sized locations and monsters from the video game. The re-created beasts include the Jinouga, the Doboruberuku, the Tigrex Subspecies, and the rare Silver Rathalos. The latter monster is said to be over 20 meters long. The villages and locales replicated will be the Spa House and Yukumo Village, complete with realistic depictions of the game's weapons and armor pieces.

Capcom will also hold a Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Time Attack tournament where players will have to kill a specific giant monster in the game within the shortest time possible. The event will be held from August 2 until September 30. To check out GameSpot's coverage on the latest game, head here.

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