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Universal Boss Says Super Nintendo World Is A "Revolution" For The Park

The Nintendo-themed attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood will open on February 17.


Universal Studios Hollywood will open Super Nintendo World--the Nintendo-themed attraction at the theme park--will on February 17, and a top Universal Studios executive says it will be a "revolution." Universal Creative Vice President John Corfino and Tom Mehrmann, president and chief operating officer for Universal Parks and Resorts, Pacific Rim, shared that and more to Deadline.

"The arrival of Super Nintendo World to Universal Studios Hollywood reinforces our commitment to expand entertainment options beyond traditional movie and television properties and cultivate new, untapped areas that appeal to future generations," Mehrmann said. "We are thrilled to welcome Super Nintendo World to our theme park and bring an entirely new level of interactive and immersive experiences to our guests and can't wait for them to experience the land."

In a release issued in December, Universal shared about the "gamified" elements to the park, via Power-Up Bands, or wristbands that sync with Universal Studios Hollywood's app to "level-up the guest experience within the land and enhance its many interactive elements." For example, the wearable will enable guests to collect digital coins and obtain keys after winning various challenges, which will "further enhance the kinetic experience within the land and immerse guests into the unique world of Super Mario." You'll also be able to punch your own ? blocks throughout the land. The band is also an Amiibo, meaning it can interact with your Nintendo Switch.

Corfino added that while he's aware the term "gamification" is thrown around often when hyping up interactive rides, but Super Nintendo World's Mario Kart-themed rides will push that term further. The creative team behind Mario Kart: Bowser's Challenge, for example, "dimensionalized the game" to "imaginatively bring to life great interactive elements that have existed for decades in Nintendo’s games and making them compelling in the real world… this is really a revolution for us."

Attendees will have to wait and see next month what this truly means--and it's only the start of the hype this year leading up to the April 7 release of the Super Mario Bros. movie.

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