Universal announces The Mummy Returns

A video game based on the movie is coming to the Sony PlayStation 2.


The Mummy Returns

Universal Interactive formally announced that it will publish The Mummy Returns for the Sony PlayStation 2. In development by Blitz Games, The Mummy Returns is a third-person action-adventure that will mirror the plot of the motion picture and re-create many of the movie's scenarios. From the beginning, you will be allowed to play as the movie's lead character, Rick O'Connell, or the mummy itself, Imhotep.

Of the 11 stages included in The Mummy Returns, the only level shown thus far takes place in a museum full of curators looking to protect its contents. As Rick, you may use 10 different weapons including double pistols, a shotgun, and a broadsword. Rick may also use his fists and his feet to defeat enemies. While playing as Imhotep, you are asked to collect jars to provide power to cast spells. After an enemy has been defeated, Imhotep may devour its soul. Later in the game, Imhotep will have the power to raise mummies scattered throughout the game's levels and use them to its advantage. The Mummy Returns features a proximity-based autolock feature and scripted, real-time events that take place regularly.

The Mummy Returns is currently scheduled to ship simultaneously with the DVD release of its motion picture counterpart in October. We'll have more on The Mummy Returns from E3 next week.

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