United Developers adds Rogue Entertainment

The Dallas-based game company adds the developer of American McGee's Alice to its roster.


American McGee's Alice

Dallas-based United Developers has announced that it has added Rogue Entertainment to its lineup of game companies. Rogue is best known for developing the first-person fantasy shooter American McGee's Alice for the PC and the first-person shooter Quake II for the Nintendo 64. United Developers' other game companies include Mumbo Jumbo, Inertia, and MacPlay.

"We are very excited about joining United Developers," said Rogue president Rich Fleider. "This will allow us to focus our talents on creating the type of games for which we are known."

United Developers is headed by Mark Cottam, the president of the company, managing director Ron Diamant, and director of development Mark Dochtermann. For more information, visit the official United Developers Web site.

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