Union Awards!

GameSpot members have brought back the union awards, giving you all a chance to nominate your favorite unions!


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Union Awards have made a return! Numerous members have already nominated their favorite unions, and this phase will be ending soon. You should nominate your favorite unions to make a difference!

If you think a union has what it takes to be recognized, hop over to the Union Awards page to share your nominations for each category. Although this activity is not being hosted by GameSpot staff, we have plans to throw in some profile points and union levels for this exciting activity!

Please note that this is only the nomination phase, and once there is a list of unions gathered, there will be a couple of voting phases.

To get started, drop by the Union Awards announcement to check out what kinds of categories are being considered this year.

In celebration of this special activity, please add a Union Awards signature with a link to the union that is hosting this activity, because they will be updating the front page with the latest news. Please note that the Social Cafe union is not eligible for any nominations because they are organizing this activity. Happy union hunting!

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