Undying Character Details: Lizbeth

Electronic Arts releases information about one of the main characters in its upcoming horror game.


Electronic Arts has released information about one of the main characters in its upcoming horror game Clive Barker's Undying. The game follows the efforts of Patrick Calloway as he tries to uncover the secrets behind the curse of his friend's family, the Covenants. Lizbeth Covenant was the youngest of the five Covenant children. She grew up to be a popular London socialite, but she was struck by a mysterious disease and was forced to return to her family home in Ireland. She now haunts the mausoleum of the Covenant estate wearing a ragged burial dress stained with blood. Though her body has wasted away, her intellect and strong will remain. Lizbeth is accompanied by a large group of creatures called howlers. The howlers are ferocious creatures that move with great speed, and they are blindly devoted to Lizbeth and will do her bidding.

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