Undying Character Details: Ambrose

We take a look at the black sheep of the family in Electronic Arts' upcoming horror game.


Electronic Arts has released information about another character in its upcoming horror game Clive Barker's Undying. The game takes place in and around a haunted estate in Northern Ireland. Players assume the role of Patrick Calloway as he tries to solve the mystery behind the curse of his friend Jeremiah Covenant's family. The estate is haunted by Jeremiah's four deceased siblings.

Ambrose Covenant was considered the black sheep of the Covenant family. He mysteriously disappeared immediately after a fight with his father, and he returned years later with a determination to reunite the five Covenant siblings in death in order to unleash a mysterious power. Ambrose is accompanied by a dangerous group of mercenaries known as the Trsanti. The men, who are believed to be Turkish, are covered in ritualistic tattoos and wield long knives.

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