Undertow to pull on XBLA

Chair Entertainment prepping Unreal Engine 3-powered Xbox Live Arcade game; underwater shooter features 16-player online combat.


Xbox 360 underwater action complete with diving bells and strange creatures won't be limited just to Irrational Games' upcoming opus BioShock. Chair Entertainment today announced that the submerged shooter Undertow is currently in development for Xbox Live Arcade.

Like Roboblitz, Undertow will be powered by Epic's physics-happy Unreal Engine 3. Gamers go beneath the surface of the ocean as one of four unit types, each of which has its own unique characteristics and can be upgraded.

For those who like to dive solo, the game will feature a 15-level single-player campaign, and for those who prefer company, the game has two multiplayer modes that support up to 16 players over Xbox Live.

Undertow is scheduled for release sometime this summer. Chair Entertainment has not announced a price for the game yet.

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