Uncharted PS4 Collection's 1080p/60fps "Makes a Huge Difference"

Plus, Sony confirms that the jet ski scene from Drake's Fortune will not be changed.


It "makes a huge difference" that the updated versions of Uncharted 1-3 featured in the upcoming Nathan Drake Collection for PlayStation 4 run at 1080p/60fps.

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That's according toSony Worldwide Studios development head Scott Rohde, who spoke about the upcoming HD remaster bundle recently as part of his appearance on the latest PlayStation Blogcast.

"We talked about 1080p/60--that makes a huge difference in any game. I think you're going to really appreciate that," he said.

Also during the podcast, Rohde teased that Sony still has "so much more" to reveal about the Nathan Drake Collection in the lead-up to its release in October. He didn't give much away, but teased that control refinements made to later Uncharted games will be rolled into the earlier ones. Nothing specific was announced, but Rohde teased that more news about these refinements and more is coming very soon.

"There are buckets more to come. I'm not calling this a tease; it's a super-tease," Rohde said.

In addition, Rohde confirmed that the jet ski scene from the 2007 original Uncharted: Drake's Fortune--which some considered to be too difficult--will not be changed in any way.

"It's not too hard--it's a challenge," Rohde said, mentioning that a PlayStation intern just recently asked him if Sony planned to change that level for the Nathan Drake Collection.

The Nathan Drake Collection, which also includes a new Photo Mode and will be available to try this summer by way of a demo, launches on October 8. Access to the Uncharted 4: A Thief's End multiplayer beta is included with the game. A release date for the beta has not been announced, but it will begin sometime before the game itself arrives in spring 2016.

Bluepoint Games, which also worked on the Xbox 360 edition of Titanfall, is developing The Nathan Drake Collection.

In other Uncharted news, we recently learned that series hero Nathan Drake's iconic half-tuck fashion statement was planned from the beginning.

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