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Uncharted, others to be PSP Pinball Heroes

ESRB rates handheld spin-offs of Sony first-party properties, including Hot Shots Golf, Pain, High Velocity Bowling.


Nathan Drake is heading into Uncharted territory once again, if a new entry in the Entertainment Software Rating Board database is correct. In fact, Drake is apparently bringing some of his fellow Sony first-party properties with him, as the ESRB has rated four separate PSP Pinball Heroes titles based on Uncharted, High Velocity Bowling, Pain, and Hot Shots Golf.

OK, who had pinball in the office pool for the first Uncharted spin-off?
OK, who had pinball in the office pool for the first Uncharted spin-off?

According to the listings, each game will be designed around the artwork and themes of its counterpart. For example, the Uncharted pinball game is based around 2007's Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and has players flipping a ball around a plane wreck, into silhouetted enemy targets, and off bumpers shaped like gold coins. Meanwhile, Hot Shots Golf has players aim for a miniature putting green, while High Velocity Bowling lets players try to knock down pins.

The ESRB listing makes no mention as to whether the games are downloadable-only or part of the PSP Mini line of games. All four titles are rated E for Everyone. As of press time, a Sony representative had not returned GameSpot's request for confirmation of the games.

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