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Uncharted Movie Director Wants Uncharted 4's Car Chase In A Potential Sequel

Ruben Fleischer says Uncharted 4's car chase scene is the greatest car chase ever recorded in any form.


Uncharted movie director Ruben Fleischer has an idea for what he wants to put into a sequel, should Sony give it the green light. In a promotional video for the new film, Fleischer said he wants to put Uncharted 4's iconic car chase scene in a potential sequel, and that would definitely make for compelling action if it can match what Naughty Dog achieved in the game.

"I think the greatest car chase ever filmed in any film or anything was in Uncharted 4. I've done plenty of car chases in my career, but that car chase is unparalleled," Fleischer said.

Tom Holland, who plays Nathan Drake in the film, was similarly enthusiastic about it. He said he was playing Uncharted 4 in his trailer during breaks in shooting on Spider-Man: Homecoming, and he said he was so wrapped up in it that he had to be dragged out of his trailer.

Neil Druckmann, the co-director of Uncharted 4, said the car chase scene in the game is the "best set piece we've ever made." Fleischer ended the segment by saying he is "gunning for that one" if Uncharted is enough of a success to warrant a sequel. You can watch this sequence in the video below.

Uncharted the movie doesn't follow the story of any particular Uncharted game, but it does borrow some key elements and sequences, like Uncharted 3's epic cargo plane scene. As such, it wouldn't be unreasonable to think that a potential sequel could include another scene borrowed from the games.

Uncharted opens in US cinemas on February 18, and it's expected to be a box office hit. Whether or not it gets a sequel will likely come down to how it performs at the box office, among other factors. What we do know for sure is that Sony is keen to make more movies, recently establishing a division called PlayStation Productions that will handle all adaptations of its games for film and TV.

Here at GameSpot, our Uncharted review scored the movie a 7/10. Reviewer Phil Hornshaw said, "Uncharted is a lot of fun a lot of the time. It might not do much that the games haven't already, but fans will enjoy a new Uncharted tale that at least brings its own flashy, death-defying treasure hunt into the fold."

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