Uncharted Is Now Fifth-Highest Grossing Video Game Movie All Time

Sony's video game movie based on Naughty Dog's PlayStation game is doing big numbers at the box office.


Sony's Uncharted movie continues to climb the charts. The Tom Holland/Mark Wahlberg film based on Naughty Dog's popular action-adventure series is now the 5th highest-grossing video game movie of all time. It's now made $337.3 million globally, surpassing 2010's Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time [$336.4 million] to rank fifth on the all-time charts for video game movies.

Uncharted still trails The Angry Birds Movie [$352.3 million], Rampage [$428 million], Detective Pikachu [$433.5 million], and Warcraft [$439 million].

While Uncharted might ranked fifth globally, the film is the third highest-grossing video game film ever in the US--and that's important. Uncharted has made $125.9 million, or 37.3% of its global gross, from the domestic market, only trailing Sonic the Hedgehog [$148.9 million] and Detective Pikachu [$144 million] for domestic results.

The highest-grossing video game movie ever, Warcraft, only made $47.4 million in the US, which is part of the reason why it never got a sequel despite such massive global box office results.

Uncharted, meanwhile, has already been labeled Sony Pictures' next "franchise," so a sequel is expected. Director Ruben Fleischer has said he wants to make a sequel, and one of his ideas for it is to put Uncharted 4's epic car chase scene in the film. Fleischer and Holland might also make a Jak and Daxter movie.

Here at GameSpot, our Uncharted review scored the movie a 7/10. Reviewer Phil Hornshaw said, "Uncharted is a lot of fun a lot of the time. It might not do much that the games haven't already, but fans will enjoy a new Uncharted tale that at least brings its own flashy, death-defying treasure hunt into the fold."

The movie's success is also bringing up renewed talk about the future of the Uncharted game series. Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection released in January, bundling Uncharted 4 and Lost Legacy on PS5, but no brand-new entries in the main series have been announced. Recently, however, developers from Naughty Dog said they have a "never say never" attitude about making Uncharted 5.

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