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Uncharted: Fortune Hunter Is Shutting Down

The 2016 mobile game that tied into Uncharted 4 is closing down.


Uncharted: Fortune Hunter, a mobile game released in 2016, is shutting down. Naughty Dog has announced that the game is being discontinued, with the game no longer available to download but still playable for those who already have it.

Fortune Hunter's in-game purchases and treasure maps have been disabled, too, Naughty Dog said. The game remains playable in offline mode for as long as it stays downloaded on your device, so if you want to keep playing, don't delete it.

Naughty Dog did not say why is it shuttering Fortune Hunter, but presumably it's due to a lack of players relative to the resources required to keep it running as Naughty Dog shifts priorities to newer projects.

Fortune Hunter, a free action-puzzle game, launched in 2016, featuring a stylized version of hero Nathan Drake on a journey to do what he does best: collect treasure. Sully also appears in the game. Players could unlock cosmetics in Uncharted 4 by playing the mobile game.

The Uncharted series hasn't seen a new entry in the mainline series 2016's A Thief's End, which wrapped up Nathan Drake's story. A spin-off, The Lost Legacy, was released in 2017, while a compilation pack featuring Uncharted 4 and The Lost Legacy launched this year on PS5.

Looking ahead, Naughty Dog has said it has a "never say never" attitude about making Uncharted 5, but whether or not that is one of the multiple new projects Naughty Dog is working on now is unknown.

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