Uncharted 4's Real-Time Cutscenes Are "Profound," Dev Says

"The impact of removing that has been kind of profound."

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We've heard before how the power of the PlayStation 4 is making Uncharted 4: A Thief's End a better game. And now, lead designer Ricky Cambier has expanded further, saying the system's beefiness allowed the developer to make spaces that were not only larger, but also highly detailed.

He also said the game's user of real-time cutscenes--where there is a seamless transition between cutscene and gameplay--will be "kind of profound." This is a first for the series.

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"There have been games before that have done pretty big spaces," Cambier said in an interview with MCV. "We wanted to do it at a certain visual quality that wouldn't have ever been possible except on the PS4. We are able to give you this much room to explore and still offer that level of detail."

Previously, Naughty Dog said A Thief's End has 10 times the playable space of previous entries in the series.

On the subject of real-time cutscenes, A Thief's End is the first Naughty Dog game to use this approach--and he thinks it will have a major impact.

"Also, one of the things we are doing for the first time is that there are no pre-rendered cut scenes," he explained. "In the past, we always went over to a black frame and we switch over into a movie. We don't do that anymore. That was a limitation we sort of accepted back then.

"The impact of removing that has been kind of profound. You just seamlessly go into these cut scenes and then come out of them--that whole transition goes away."

The full MCV interview is filled with many more details and stories about the development of A Thief's End. Go read it here.

After multiple delays, A Thief's End is now due to launch on May 10 for PlayStation 4. It's the final game that Naughty Dog plans to make, but not necessarily the last game in the series. In fact, creative director Neil Druckmann said he would be happy to see another studio make Uncharted 5.

For lots more on A Thief's End, you can check out GameSpot's recent hands-on preview, "How The Last of Us Made Uncharted 4 a Better Game."

You can also check out GameSpot's interview with Druckmann, writer Josh Scherr, and Cambier. In the interview, the developers talk about saying goodbye to Nathan Drake and the Uncharted series, A Thief's End's stealth elements, and a lot more.

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Quantum break does that but the resolution drops after the cutscenes. You can see the difference in the face details

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This game will be amazing.

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That's great. Make the last of us 2, NOW.

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@sepsis216: Chances are they probably are. I mean can you imagine a TLoU2 utilizing the same type of style they are doing here with U4! I mean just think of like roaming a small town; not necessarily open-world, but just a small town that has so much more open space that could be filled with looters or clickers somewhere.

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It's nothing new. That's the way most cutscenes have been since Metal Gear Solid 1.

Avatar image for NbAlIvEr10000

@randybumgardner: Yeah, but the graphics in MGS1 were not much to bark about by utilizing that feature......of course Kojima did utilize it a lot within the MGS series.....I think MGS4 did it the best, but with this style of graphic fidelity like Uncharted it is still pretty amazing.

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I'm going to fall in love with these real time cut scenes/transitions I bet.

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This sound excellent, although i'm pretty sure they have used (some) real time cut scenes in their previous games, this is something i always notice and it's awesome indeed.

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' It's the final game that Naughty Dog plans to make' I know that you meant to say that it was the last 'Uncharted' game they plan to develop. You could induce a very brief panic attack in some readers!

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I'll be playing Doom waiting for this overhyped game to hit $30.

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@nikolistary: doom is horrible lol.

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@nikolistary: Doom is overhyped.

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@nikolistary: How can this game be over hyped when the last 3 scored extremely high?

Avatar image for nikolistary

@joshrmeyer: I don't care how the other games scored. I'm just getting tired of all the articles, especially the ones with the developers patting themselves on the back all the time like they're giving us something mindblowing.

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@nikolistary: so why can't they be proud of what they made? It's the best game they ever made

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@nikolistary: So you're insistenting it's overhyped even though every game before it was good? Seems legit.

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@nikolistary: I'm enjoying the shit out of the Doom Beta! Id like to make it my 2nd MP to Uncharted 4's (yes I said that).

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I bought my son the Uncharted bundle, I played the first game and finished it in 2 days, game is damn cool, and I didn't know that Drake had so much blood on his hands, jesus! just to walk 50 yards you have to kill enough people from a small 3rd world country.... now on chapter 3 in part 2, looking forward to the rest of the series and to everyone else getting Thief's End day one, ENJOY!

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Why is the amount of people Nate kills even an issue. I think you're just repeating a fact somebody else highlighted just because it's fashionable for xbots to bash Uncharted. Just enjoy the game. It's fun.

90% of all video games have you killing hoards of something in order to survive. Those games would not be much fun if you did not kill anything. Assassin's Creed, GTA, Far Cry, Tomb Raider, Just Cause, COD, Battlefield, Bioshock, Fallout, even Sonic the Hedgehog bounced little fury things to death. All of them have you killing loads of enemies as you progress. Without killing you're just left with puzzle games, racers and sports sims.

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@justerthought: He wasn't bashing the game, douche.

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@justerthought: Are you serious? you honestly think this was a bash? my wife and I found it hilarious the amount of guys I was killing, yes games have you killing tons of guys, but I wasn't talking about those games just this one since it is the game I just played.

I had tons of fun playing the game, yes I own an xbox but now I also own a PS4, got one for myself and one for my son....

dude, relax all I thought was that it would be funny to say, I don't do the bashing and trash talking here, I'm just having fun....

I even said I'm looking forward to the rest of the series and even wished everyone fun on the new one and all you take from my post is that i'm bashing?

this is why I don't really post cause you guys take this way too serious!

anyway, enjoy your day and have fun!

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"He also said the game's user of real-time cutscenes" Typo, pls fix.

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@Nightflash28: Nazi.

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@wtf_666: Is this all you do with your life?

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Oh so you're one of the "Get a life" guys trying to take the higher ground with rock n roll attitude. Somebody has to have tight standards and work to tight tolerances or a lot of the stuff you consume would be very poor quality. Don't criticise people who can work to a higher precision than you. Laziness and complacency is no excuse.

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@justerthought: bla bla bla. Check his profile and get some context before playing white knight.

Btw, by checking yours we can see that you are nobody to talk about "taking higher ground"